Some of the Benefits That Come with Your Purchase When You Buy Your Equipment from The Mower Shop

1. We set-up, service, and test run all equipment before it leaves our store. This allows us to make any adjustments necessary, so it operates at peak performance while you are using it on the job.

2. Our maintenance part inventory is above average, minimizing downtime when service is needed.

3. Our Service Technicians are factory trained and attend annual updates to maintain their knowledge of your equipment.

4. We offer a Winter Care Program that gives you the opportunity to have your equipment serviced in the off-season. This service offers additional savings to you that are not available in-season.

5. For Those Who Participate in the Winter Care Program: If a problem occurs with your equipment in-season, we will address your issues in a 2- to 4-day time frame (depending on the problem). Normal in-season repair time is much longer.

6. For Residential Customers Who Purchase Their Mower from Us: We offer a loaner mower for you if your mower is in the shop and you need to cut your grass before the repair is complete. We do ask that you return the loaner mower to us after you use it, so that others may have the same opportunity. Please do not keep the loaner mower for the duration of time that your mower is in the shop.

7. Occasionally equipment is purchased from us in the box to be given as a gift. We do offer, and ask, that the equipment be brought back to us after the presentation so we may set up and service the unit to insure proper performance.

8. We inform, instruct, and educate the user of the equipment when it is needed. Demonstrations are performed as necessary to insure that safety issues are addressed.

9. For Commercial Cutters and Municipalities: We offer a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time on warranty repairs for equipment that was purchased at The Mower Shop. If a repair exceeds that time frame, we offer a loaner mower until the repair is complete. We do ask that the loaner be returned promptly and clean, so others may have the same opportunity.