2018 SnowEx SP-8500

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The SnowEx® 8500 Series brings two different approaches to attacking ice. The SP-8500 efficiently spreads any combination of salt and sand, while the SP-8550 is specifically designed for higher material output for contractors who need to spread high volumes of sand in one pass.

  • Empty Weight: 780 lb. (353.8 kg)
  • Overall Length: 105 1/2 in. (268.0 cm)
  • Overall Height: 39 in. (99.1 cm)
  • Overall Width: 48 in. (121.9 cm)
  • Floor Length: 84 in. (213.4 cm)
  • Floor Width: 44 in. (111.8 cm)
  • Hopper Length: 96 in. (243.8 cm)
  • Hopper Width: 48 in. (121.9 cm)
  • Capacity (Volume): Struck 2.2 cu. yd; Rounded 2.5 cu. yd. (Struck 1.8 cu. m; Rounded 2 cu. m)
  • Capacity (Weight): 4,320 lb. (1,959.5 kg)
  • Spreading Width: Up to 40 ft. (Up to 12.2 m)
  • Speed Control: Digital, self-diagnosing dual variable-speed control with auto reverse
  • Wiring Harness: Completely loomed with molded plugs and spare circuit
  • Frame: Powder coated steel
  • Hopper: One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly with integral vertical rib construction
  • Motors: Dual, 12-volt DC motor mounted in weather resistant enclosure
  • Spinner Drive Assembly: Compact, independent weather-tight patented motor transmission (spinner assembly is modular for quick connect)
  • Spinner: 12 in. heavy-duty urethane spinner with integral hub assembly (30.5 cm heavy-duty urethane spinner with integral hub assembly)
  • Auger Drive Assembly: Heavy-duty solid steel construction with maximum-torque motor transmission drive
  • Auger: 5 in. heavy-duty variable pitch steel flighting (112.7 cm heavy-duty variable pitch steel flighting)
  • Mounting: Positive locking mount with bolt-down kit and ratchet-strap assist
  • Top Screen: Hinged heavy-duty steel rod construction with grid pattern
  • Cover: Fitted tarp
  • Vibrator: Standard heavy-duty 12-volt DC
  • Inverted "V": Patented vibrating inverted "V" to maximize material flow
  • Brake Light: Yes
  • Work Light: Yes
  • Speed Control : Dual variable-speed digital control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow, and features auto reverse.
  • Spinner Assembly : Quick-connect spinner drive assembly provides easy hitch access.
  • Auger Transmission : Direct drive transmission transfers power to the auger efficiently and effectively.
  • High Volume: The high volume transmission features a gear ratio of 40:1, allowing the unit to spread 295 to 680 pounds of material per minute.
  • Vibrator: Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow.
  • Inverted “V" : Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.
  • Fitted Tarp: A tarp fitted to the spreader's dimensions protects material from outside weather elements.
  • Top Screen: Top screen ensures material that enters the hopper is consistent size by breaking up any clumps and filters out large debris to ensure proper operation.
  • Lighting: Auxiliary LED brake light and work light offer better equipment visibility in dark or snowy conditions.
  • Pre-Wet Integration : Users can choose to have the spreaders equipped with an optional pre-wet liquid tank system.
  • Hydraulic : The hydraulic-powered SP-8500H is also available as an alternative to the electric powered units.
  • Salt Traxx®: Records useful jobsite data, such as the amount of time and material spent on each job. Integrates with select spreader controls.



780 lb. (353.8 kg)
Hopper Capacity
Struck 2.2 cu. yd; Rounded 2.5 cu. yd. (Struck 1.8 cu. m; Rounded 2 cu. m)

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